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Mississauga, ON, September 25, 2007

Cisco Awards EXPEDITE PLUS 2007 Excellence in Transportation and Logistics Award

Prestigous Cisco award presented to Expedite Plus for responsiveness needed to deliver material in the shortest timeframes available. Victor Deschenes, CEO of Expedite Plus, confirms that the recognition shows that Expedite Plus is succeeding at their goal of providing great shipping and logistic services on a large scale.

Expedite Plus, Global Critical Delivery Solutions, today announced that it has received the 2007 Excellence in Transportation and Logistics Award from Cisco. This prestigious award was presented during Cisco’s sixteenth annual supplier appreciation event held September 12 in San Jose, California.

“Expedite Plus has consistently demonstrated the service capabilities, creativity and responsiveness needed to deliver materials for the Cisco supply chain within the shortest timeframes available,” said Robert Andris, director, Manufacturing Operations, Cisco.

Cisco presented awards to suppliers that were evaluated for their contributions toward Cisco’s success in fiscal year 2007 and for supporting the Cisco vision of changing the way people work, live, play and learn.

“Personal service on a global scale has always been the hallmark of our company,” says Expedite Plus CEO Victor J. Deschenes. “This recognition from a premier company like Cisco really confirms that we’re succeeding in our goal of providing great service even on a large scale.”
Expedite Plus works with high-technology and manufacturing companies that need shipments delivered as quickly as possible anywhere in the world. Based in Ontario, Canada, Expedite Plus has agents, carriers and partners all over the globe. President and CEO Victor Deschenes of Mississauga, Ontario, is a noted executive and philanthropist and was recently awarded the Ontario Medal of Citizenship, one of the province’s highest honours.

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