Expedite Plus: When Time Won't Wait


A: Airline restriction is 23kg per piece. If overweight, airline can charge an overweight charge.

A: Pending the airline and embargoes there is no real limit to the actual number of cartons that can be shipped.  Cartons are checked in as personal passenger baggage. Contact us (Link to Contact page) and we will assist you with your request.

A: No. If the shipment meets the requirements of a Low Value Shipment based on the importing country regulations a formal customs entry may not be needed. The Importer of Record (IOR) would also need to clarify this procedure. If not a formal entry will be needed.

A: Commercial invoice stating value of goods, country of origin of goods, HS Codes, shipper, consignee, importer of record (IOR), detailed description, Quantity of part, per piece value. Total Pieces and Weight if no Bill of Lading (BOL) is supplied.

A: Linear Dimensions 62” (L+W+H) Airline Acceptance, If oversized airline can apply an oversize charge * Note that larger packages can be repackaged to meet acceptable maximum dimensions.

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