Expedite Plus: When Time Won't Wait


Business to business.

Where possible we always provide more than one cost and service related option so the customer can make informed decisions based on their specific requirements and situation.

A truck, van or related required equipment is booked for a customers exclusive use. The shipment is moved on a direct to door basis – Shipments are never consolidated with others and attention is given to the most expedient routing and transit time.

Where the standard modes of transportation available to a shipper do not allow ample time to meet required delivery time lines and there is the potential for negative impact- these shipments are deemed to be “Time-critical”.

Shipments are transported by roadway on an exclusive use “dedicated” truck, flat bed, or similar equipment as is required – Shipments are never consolidated with other customers shipments.

A dedicated aircraft is hired / chartered to exclusively transport a specific shipment through to destination.

A shipment is afforded a dedicated personal escort(s) /courier/flyer specially trained to deal with the various nuances of checking in and accompanying a customers critical shipment onto a flight as personal baggage and transitioning it upon arrival at destination. Hand Carry –often abbreviated to HC is synonymous with OBC. These terms are interchangeable industry terms having the same meaning.

OBC is an industry acronym meaning Onboard Courier.

Service - OBC - Onboard Courier
Critical Air Freight - Air Charter
CRITICAL AIR Freight – Air Charter
Expedited Ground Transportation