What We Do

On Board Courier

On Board Courier

Supported by a global network of strategically located couriers, Expedite Plus acts as a personal concierge service for your highly time-critical shipment from its origin through to its final destination. On-board courier is our fastest service and most reliable product. Our services are noted for the security and detailed procedures, ensuring the secured delivery of each shipment.

Critical Air

For Critical Air, our dedicated solutions team will work on developing the best route available based on your needs. Your shipment will be picked up at origin in a dedicated vehicle and delivered directly to the cargo desk selected for your shipment. Once it arrives at the final destination airport our team will immediately pick up your shipment and move it directly to the final destination for delivery.

Air Charter

When circumstances such as getting to places where there are limited or zero access to commercial aircraft or require a higher level of security and customized service, our air charter service is the right product for you. Expedite Plus can get the right aircraft and plan the logistics, from customs to border security.

Ground Expedite

Dedicated vehicle and driver delivers your shipment anywhere by road. Expedite Plus provides the right size vehicle and equipment for the job including vans, flatbeds, reefers or any truck and trailer variation – ensuring your critical delivery reaches its destination on time and damage-free.


Our Hybrid product offers our clients the best of multiple modes to meet their demands and meets the world’s ever-changing routing, restrictions, costs, and solutions. This solution kicks in when you need something more than a single-mode method, Ask Us How.