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  • Inventory levels are crucial.
  • One machine component can stop a line of production.
  • Onboard couriers are available to transport shipments of automotive parts worldwide at a moment’s notice.

A Tier 2 client needed to ship 15 boxes of 35 kilos of automotive parts immediately. Using an onboard courier service, Expedite Plus picked up at 3:00 am, caught the 6:00 am flight and delivered door-to-door by 9:00 am. Our quick response avoided the client penalties from having a production line shutdown.


  • Each year many aircrafts are damaged from strong winds. Maintenance is constant and there is no room for mistakes. The availability of these aircrafts are critical given the investments to purchase and maintain.
  • Our onboard couriers can deliver AOG parts directly to the engineer waiting at the hangar, to any part of the world.
  • Often aircrafts need small adjustments that require a specific part or tool.

An aerospace client had an aircraft sitting in the airport as it required some maintenance with a tool that was not available in the facility. Expedite Plus was able to deliver the specialized tool from the US into Mexico within 3 hours. The aircraft avoided longer grounding and was back in service in no time.

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  • In the technology industry, the turnover of new products are constant and fast. Technology companies need a partner with global time-critical expertise that can support them on any deployment of components, prototype or designs around the world.

A client requested a prototype to be delivered for final revision the morning of the following day overseas. However, because of travel restrictions, the country for final delivery was not allowing foreign passengers to enter. The Expedite Plus team found a solution by using a courier who is a citizen of that country. The requested deadline was met.


  • Getting a new product first to market is crucial for any company that has invested a substantial financial effort in R & D. The benefits of being first to market reap a significant reward of increased market share and profit margins. Our services assist clients from research to final product.

During a new product design, a Fortune 500 client requested parts be sent to various locations globally for testing, quality control and design fit. The product launch was months away, but for the R & D Department, and success of the final launch, every minute mattered. Our global transit times ranged from four hours to 13 hours, cutting down two to four days. The product was ready less than one day before the final launch.

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  • Lives are precious. Access to medical equipment, or its parts, are crucial and of extreme urgency. The Expedite Plus line of services are a sure way of getting needed equipment and/or parts quickly.
  • 24/7 communications, various routing options, couriers permitted to enter the country of destination.
  • A global network means we can deliver to almost any destination, during any time of day, with the speed our clients require.
  • Expedite Plus’s rapid response and global network allow us to move merchandise/parts/ equipment as fast as possible.

An institution in the health sector needed to import a specialized tool in less than 24 hours, which was only available abroad, to complete a study. Expedite Plus moved the piece via a commercial flight using a courier delivering the merchandise in less than 24 hours.


  • Secure and reliable method of transportation for high-value items such as jewelry, precious metals, and luxury items.
  • Cargo remains secured with the Expedite Plus courier at all times.
  • Live updates provided.

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  • Expedite Plus is there for supply chain providers when their clients ask for something unique, time-sensitive, and something outside of their regular transit times.
  • Our team is available 24/7/365 and can take care of all shipment details.
  • Years of experience and a global network allow us to determine the right global solution.


  • When heavy machinery breakdown at a mine, the downtime can have significant financial and production impact.

Expedite Plus moved small replacement parts for a down heavy machine from Chicago, IL, USA to St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. The timeframe was less than 24 hours, reducing the machine’s downtime and allowing production to continue.

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